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  • Shooting Tip: Accurate or Fast…Or Both?

    “What separates the very best ‘combat’ handgun shooters from their less-skilled counterparts is the ability to fire with a great combination of speed with accuracy. This is not something most people people can do – they have to choose one or the other.”

  • How to Avoid 1911 .45 Mag Lips Spread

    “Sadly, the magazine for the singlestack 1911 .45 has proven, historically, to be a fairly labile part of the system, vulnerable to the phenomenon called ‘lips spread.’ In this article we’ll discuss what that is, why it’s bad, and how to avoid it.”

  • Why I Carry a Backup Giun

  • Casper the Friendly Ghost Gun

    An article on building up a carry optics gun using a Trijicon RMR, Brownells slide, and Polymer80 frame. Casper the Friendly Ghost Gun

  • The Case for the Straight Drop Holster

    “Look at the concealment holsters worn by really serious shooters, you’ll see a preference for the straight drop holster worn in a true strongside, 3 o’clock position. Why is that?”

  • The Wilson Combat EDC X9

    “I’ve thought for decades the perfect self-defense/carry gun would be a 4/5th-size 1911 built around a conventional 9mm doublestack magazine… Well, a gun company finally produced such a piece, and it’s Wilson Combat with their EDC X9.”

  • Handgun Defense Against Bears

    I have always been of the opinion that people thinking they were going to sledge down an attacking grizzly with their trusty .44 Magnum (or any other handgun) were living in a fantasy world. I may have to revise that opinion. Having said that, I’ve also had a theory, which I have shared with very…

  • The Case for the Replacement Gun

    “After people new to shooting, and carrying a gun for self-defense, settle on exactly what their carry gun will be, inevitably there comes the time they ask themselves what should be their next gun purchase… such people, when they ask me, ‘What gun should I buy next?’ are always amazed when I tell them, ‘If…

  • Lessons From the Garland, Texas “Cop Vs. ISIS” Shooting

    Anyone who carries a gun for self-defense, whether also wearing a uniform or not, should read this.

  • On Relative Value of Life

    Massad Ayoob “On Relative Value of Life.” You won’t a more thoughtful, brief summary of the topic anywhere.