I’ve been writing articles for gun magazines since 1989, and making my living at it since 1992. In the past on Self-Defense-Handguns.com I’ve offered downloads of my articles for sale on a pay-per-view basis. Although that made me money, I’ve since decided it serves this site’s users better to simply put my old articles out there for free. This is not pay-per-view, these are free articles for you to read. In some cases these are direct scans of old articles, in others the publishers have provided me the original PDFs. Scanning and adding more of my old articles will be an ongoing project for me; feel free to stop by often for new stuff.

Shooting Tip: Yoda Was Right! (The Blue Press, May 2010) New!
Shooting Tip: The Importance (or Lack Thereof) of Gun Tilt (The eBlue Press, April 2021) New!
Glock…and the Death of the Custom Pistolsmith (The eBlue Press, October 2021) New!
The Myth of the “Glock Storm” (The Blue Press, Spring 2022) New!

My First-Sold, Never-Published Gun Magazine Article (1989)
Concealment With Style (Petersen’s Handguns, June 1990)
Combat Weaponcraft: Lethal Force Institute (Soldier of Fortune, January 1993)
Second Chance Body Armor: Up Close & Personal (S.W.A.T., April 1993)\
Colt’s Special Combat Government Model (Handguns, September 1993)
What Is the Best Combat Shooting Stance? (Handguns, September 1993)
Kydex Knife Sheaths for the 20th Century (S.W.A.T., May 1994)
New From Browning: The .40 Hi-Power (Handguns, May 1995)
Wilson’s Gun Maintenance Videos (S.W.A.T., September 1995)
Are Revolvers Obsolete? (The Blue Press, February 1997)
The Credit Card Companion (S.W.A.T., May 1997)
Blackjack Classic Model 1-7 Vs. the Randall Model 1 (S.W.A.T., August 1997)
Handgun Ready Positions (Gun World, July 1999)
Why You Need a 1911 (Gun World, October 1999)
How to Grip the Combat Handgun (Gun World, March 2000)
Choosing a Duty Pistol (Gun World, June 2000)
Dream Gun! Custom Carry from Wilson Combat (Gun World, August 2000)
How to Choose Your Guns for Cowboy Action Shooting (Gun World, January 2001)
How to Be a ‘Speed Demon’ Pistolero! (Gun World, March 2001)
How Fast Is Your Holster? (Gun World, May 2001)
To Conceal or Not to Conceal? (Laser-Cast Shooter’s Journal, Summer 2001)
Wolff’s Variable Power Recoil Springs (Laser-Cast Shooter’s Journal, Summer 2001)
How Often Should I Change My Recoil Spring? (Laser-Cast Shooter’s Journal, Summer 2001)
The 1911 .45 Auto – Absolutely the Gun of the Future (Laser-Cast Shooter’s Journal, Autumn 2001)
IPSC Vs. IDPA Explained (Laser-Cast Shooter’s Journal, Autumn 2001)
The New Face of Combat Handgunning (Gun World, December 2002)
The Officer’s Parabellum (Gun World, January 2003)
The First-Ever Factory Gun Nationals (Gun World, February 2003)
David Olhasso: Grand Master With a SIG (Sigarms Velocity, May 2003)
T9: Kahr’s “Big” 9mm (Gun World, October 2003)
Customizing the SIG for Competition (Sigarms Velocity, Winter 2003)
Everything Turns Gray: The Bruce Gray Interview (Sigarms Velocity, Winter 2003)
Common Sense 1911 Modifications (Gun World, February 2004)
SIG Captures the House of 1911: The Ernest Langdon Interview (Sigarms Velocity, Spring 2004)
Kimber’s “Rimfire Super” Pistol (Gun World, September 2004)
How to Make Your AR Run (Book of the AR-15, August 2005)
JP Enterprises’ Competition Tactical Rifle (Book of the AR-15, August 2005)
Rainier Ballistics’ Leadsafe Bullets (The Blue Press, May 2006)
Caspian’s 1911 Pocketsmith (The Blue Press, June 2006)
Video Review: Shotgun Mastery (The Blue Press, July 2006)
Nowlin’s Bobtail Carry Pistol (Gun World, August 2006)
Heavy Metal (The Blue Press, October 2006)
The Winning Ways of Glock’s Top Guns (Glock Annual, 2006)
The Kahr PM9 (The Blue Press, February 2007)
Higher Capacity Glock Magazines (The Blue Press, April 2007)
STI’s Spartan .45 (The Blue Press, May 2007)
Video Review: “Shooter Ready?” (The Blue Press, June 2007)
De-Mooning & Re-Mooning (The Blue Press, July 2007)
Mods and Odds (The Book of the AR-15, August 2007)
Just How Awesome Is the Glock 34? (The Blue Press, October 2007)
The Dillon Leather/Mitch Rosen Stylemaster-DL Shoulder Holster (The Blue Press, November 2007)
Kimber’s Compact Aegis Ultra II 9mm (The Blue Press, February 2008)
C-More Systems’ Red Dot Sights (The Blue Press, March 2008)
Video Review: 3GM (The Blue Press, May 2008)
MagPul’s MIAD Grip Kit (The Blue Press, August 2008)
Laser-Cast Bullets (The Blue Press, September 2008)
Video Review: 3GM2 (The Blue Press, December 2008)
The Glock 21 SF (The Blue Press, November 2008)
Brian Enos’ Slide-Glide (The Blue Press, January 2009)
Lone Wolf Distributors’ Glock Barrels (The Blue Press, March 2009)
Loading the .45 Colt for Cowboy Action Shooting (The Blue Press, September 2009)
“Let’s Make a Big Production Out of It!” (The Blue Press, November 2009)
The Ruger SR-556 (The Blue Press, February 2010)
The Martial Gamesman (The Blue Press, March 2010)
Arredondo Accessories: The High(er) Capacity Magazine (The Blue Press, July 2010)
Hit Factor: Beyond Stand and Shoot (S.W.A.T., September 2010)
Why I Love My Glock 17 (The Blue Press, December 2010)
Heckler & Koch’s 45 Compact (The Original, Totally Honest Version)
Heckler & Koch’s New Compact .45 (The Raped Version) (Gun World, December 2010)
The Golf Club Technique (The Blue Press, February 2011)
Advanced Defensive Handgun Training at the Firearms Academy of Seattle (Concealed Carry Magazine, February/March 2011)
Heckler & Koch’s P30 9mm (The Blue Press, March 2011)
STI’s Very Important Pistol (The Blue Press, April 2011)
Kimber’s Ultra CDP II 9mm (The Blue Press, June 2011)
The Case for Kydex (Concealed Carry Magazine, July 2011)
STI’s Spartan 9 (The Blue Press, August 2011)
STI’s GP6 (Gun World, August 2011)
Shooting Tip: Accurate or Fast…or Both? (The Blue Press, March 2012)
STI’s GP6 (Gun World, August 2011)
Don’t Shoot – RUN! (The Blue Press, April 2012)
The Case for Mirror Image Holsters (Concealed Carry Magazine, July 2012)
One-Hand-Only Double Feed Clearance (The Blue Press, September 2012)
The Offside Draw (Concealed Carry Magazine, October 2012)
New York Reload Meets the Auto Pistol (S.W.A.T., July 2014)
Galco’s Original Jackass Rig (The Blue Press, September 2014)
Slide-Lock Reloads (S.W.A.T., November 2014)
Ken Hackathorn’s “Wizard Drill” (The Blue Press, May 2015
Kicks Like a Mare’s Leg (The Blue Press, November 2015)
Chip McCormick 9mm 1911 Magazines (The Blue Press, December 2015)
Magpul PMAG 17 GL9 Magazines (The Blue Press, December 2015)

Shooting Tip: The Diamond Technique (The Blue Press, February 2016)
Why the .45 GAP Failed (The Blue Press, March 2016)
There’s Nothing New Under the Sun (The Blue Press, May 2016)
Let’s Hold on to the High Ground! (The Blue Press, June 2016)
Cross Dominant, Both Eyes Open? Not a Problem! (The Blue Press, July 2016)
Chamber Empty = Suicide (The Blue Press, August 2016)
How Important Are Uniforms to Shooting Skill? (From a Guy Who Used to Wear One) (The Tactical Journal, Fall 2016)
Action Shooting International: A Move & Shoot Sport for Everyone (The Blue Press, September 2016)
The Hand-Sized Pistol Championship (The Blue Press, November 2016)
Cayla’s Rifle (The Blue Press, Nov. 2016)
Cameron’s Rifle (The Blue Press, Dec. 2016)
Modding the Glock (Because Stock Does Not, In Fact, Rock) (The Tactical Journal, Winter 2016)
The 5×5 Drill (The Blue Press, January 2017)
40,000 (Plus) Rounds With a Glock 34 (The Blue Press, March 2017)
Arredondo Accessories’ Extra-Capacity Floorplates for Magpul Glock Magazines (The Blue Press, April 2017)
My Favorite Knife (The Blue Press, May 2017)
Loading Plated Bullets (The Blue Press, June 2017)
How to Start an ASI Club (The Blue Press, August 2017)
A Cool Hot Load from the New Super Vel (The Blue Press, November 2017)
The Case for the Replacement Gun (The Blue Press, January 2018)
The Wilson Combat EDC X9 (The Blue Press, February 2018)
The Case for the Straight Drop Holster (The Blue Press, February 2018)
Casper the Friendly Ghost Gun (The Blue Press, April 2018)

The Winchester NRA Challenge (The Blue Press, May 2018)
Why I Carry a Backup Gun (The Blue Press, May 2018)
How to Avoid 1911 .45 Mag Lips Spread (The Blue Press, July 2018)
Why Handload? (The Blue Press, September 2018)
(Case) Gaging Your Own (Ammo’s) Worth (The Blue Press, October 2018)
Shooting Drill: The Test (The Blue Press, March 2019)
Silly Things You’ve Seen at IDPA Matches (The Blue Press, March 2019)
The Firearms Academy of Seattle’s Handgun Master Test (The Blue Press, April 2019)
Super Vel’s “Pocket Rocket” .380 (The Blue Press, June 2019)
Hi-Point Firearms 4595S .45 ACP Carbine (The Blue Press, June 2019)
How to Choose a Gun Range (The Blue Press, October 2019)
The 2019 Hand-Sized Pistol Championship (The Blue Press, December 2019)
The Second Coming of the Beretta 92 (The Blue Press, June 2020)

Blue Detective (The Blue Press, August 2020)


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