There were quite a few photos submitted with this article but not used in the published version. Here they are, are along with the captions.

02-sightpictureA highly visible sight picture, with good light bars on either side of the front blade when it’s centered in the rear notch, is a great aid to fast and accurate shooting.

03-two-guide-rodsGen-4 Glocks feature a recoil system consisting of two guide rods, and two springs, reciprocating within and around each other. (bottom) Jager sells an aftermarket guide rod allowing a single strand recoil spring to be installed in a Gen-4. (top) The spring shown is an ISMI 13-pounder.

07-stormlakeThomas’ Glock 17 has had the stock barrel replaced with a stainless aftermarket barrel from Stormlake.

08-tango-downThe Vickers Tactical magazine release button from Tango Down protrudes slightly further than a stock unit.

09-mag-button-springOne trick to make the Glock magazine release button easier to depress is to slightly bend its spring. Stock (left), reworked (right).

10-pearce-plugThe Pearce Grip frame plug fills in the hollow behind the Glock mag well, making the gun much less problematic to reload.

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