Sigarms used to publish a magazine called Velocity. This interview with pistolsmith and USPSA/IPSC Grand Master Bruce Gray was in the Winter 2003 issue. This was toward the tail end of the Assault Weapons Ban, and we had just had the first-ever Factory Gun Nationals, you’ll note some comments on those, so in that sense this article is a bit dated. Still, good to get insight into the early years of “combat” pistol shooting, and its evolution over the decades, from a man who’s been shooting IPSC since well before IPSC even existed. That stuff is timeless, and needs to be recorded.

By the way, my original title for this article was “The Bruce Gray Interview.” That whole “Everything Turns Gray” thing (like what the actual fuck is that even supposed to mean) was come up with by the editor. I always thought that was goofy as hell, frankly.

Everything Turns Gray-1

Everything Turns Gray-2

Everything Turns Gray-3

Everything Turns Gray-4

Everything Turns Gray-5

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