Rereading this article, were I writing it today, there are only a few things I’d change. I would delete the part where I say the Hi-Power’s was the first successful double-column pistol magazine; I’ve since found out that’s not true. Hey, what can I say, I learn new things all the time, and sometimes they contradict what I thought I “knew” before. Also these days I’m much less enamored of the magazine “mousetrap spring” than I was at time (though I do get an immense amount of amusement from the fact that, while I’d never before heard anyone else use that term when I put it in this article, it has since become the commonly used phrase to describe the part) since it can interfere with getting a good grip on the magazine in a mag pouch when doing a fast speedload. Oh, and after this article was written, and after it was too late to change the line before that issue went to the printers, I decided to not buy the test sample, as I said I was going to. Could I go back in time, I would buy it, because if I had, there is absolutely no doubt in mind I would have long since had it rebarreled, and resprung, as a 9mm, and that would be a really sweet piece. Lastly, my final assessment, “This is the gun the 1911 .45 auto should have been!” I think owes a bit more to youthful enthusiasm than defensible fact. But anyway, here it is, gang.

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