God, I loved Jan Libourel. In my opinion, the single all-time best gun magazine editor, and I say that as someone who has, at one time or another, written for almost all of them. Jan always changed my titles. Always. The VAST majority of the time he wouldn’t touch the verbiage of the actual article at all (he told me many, many times he really appreciated that I turned in “clean prose,” i.e. it required no work on his part to translate into grammatical English – such was not the case with every one of his writers) but he never failed to change the title. Birds gotta fly, bees gotta buzz, editors gotta edit something. My title for this article was “How to Develop Speed.” Jan changed it to…wait for it… “How to Be a SPEED DEMON Pistolero!” You have to love it.

Sometimes, reading my old articles is a strange experience for me. It’s like staring into a time machine. Some of these things are very much snapshots of my level of understanding on a particular topic at that time. Probably no article more so than this one. Looking over this piece now, with another 15 years of experience, I don’t agree with everything I said in it. Certainly my draw technique gummed the big one. But still I had some of the pieces in place even back when, and I offer this now for whatever use anyone may get from it.

Speed Demon-1Speed Demon-2Speed Demon-3Speed Demon-4Speed Demon-5


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