Month: December 2014

  • A Good Day To Be A Gunwriter

    Just got back from the range, testing article stuff. The Check-Mate 9mm magazines worked the gun perfectly. The Berry’s 115-gr. plated bullets printed nice, well-centered groups from the bench. The GlockTriggers “The Edge” trigger system kicked ass in my carry Glock 17. I love it when equipment works the way it should, i.e. flawlessly.

  • Concealed Carry Clothiers’ Double Action Vest

    Another recent arrival, a replacement for my well-worn and much-loved Concealed Carry Clothiers Double Action vest in navy blue. What I love most about CCC’s product is their vests are NOT designed to look paramilitary and badass. They’re intended to look like suit vests. And while they do not, in fact, look like suit vests,…

  • Legacy Sports’ 9mm M1 Carbine Arrives

    Just received in for test and eval an M1 Carbine from a company named Legacy Sports, black composite stock, chambered for 9mm, feeds off Beretta 92 magazines. Shooting (later on tonight) will tell the tale, of course, but initial impressions of the gun’s overall quality, fit and finish, are very positive.

  • Review of Heckler & Koch VP9 Upcoming

    The next issue of Dillon’s Blue Press will feature my review of the Heckler & Koch VP9.