Month: April 2015

  • Gay-mers

    I have to ask, when did “gay” become a synonym for “bad”? I realize this has been going on for some time, but nobody checked with me first. Today even kids who are not at all homophobic will say without thinking, “That’s so GAY.” Now I hear middle-aged men doing it, too. “That SO gay.”…

  • Mike Seeklander Recoil Control Instruction

    The best instruction I have ever seen on how to effect recoil control. Absolutely excellent.

  • Practicing At Close Range

    For years – decades, actually – the vast majority of my practice has taken place at seven yards, the classic “maximum distance within which most gunfights occur.” As I continue to practice on the Venti drill (four reps in the past three range sessions), I find many things to like about it. One of them…