Month: December 2015

  • Five Great Military Bolt Action Rifles

    A bit off the topic of self-defense handguns, but I have recently developed a fascination with late 19th/early 20th Century military bolt action rifles. Here is an great article on five of these that could be pressed into service as game guns even in the early 21st Century.

  • Seven Defensive Handgun Myths

    An excellent article on aspects of defensive handgun usage and training that a lot of people “just know” are true.

  • Gun Violence Down Everywhere But Gun Free Zones

    NEWS FLASH. When there are a lot more guns out there, and only a few states left with no provision to issue concealed carry permits, if you want to do a mass shooting, you’re a lot more likely to succeed long enough to rack up a serious body count if you choose to do it…

  • Stupid, Stupid Media!

    ALERT: WILDCAT AMMO USED BY TERRORISTS I’ll bet those tiny .9mm, .223mm and .22mm long rifle rounds were a total bitch kitty to handload, too. They must have used tweezers.

  • Always Carry

    Only carrying a gun when you think there might be trouble is like only carrying a spare tire in your car trunk when you think you might have a flat. My solution to the problem of “…if I think it’s a place I might get in trouble” is to simply not go there. Not being…