Month: January 2016

  • DOJ Study Of Active Shooters

    A DOJ study of the active shooter phenomenon. Well worth reading to anyone who carries a gun. You’ll find it very interesting this study makes it repeatedly clear that both law enforcement and the ordinary citizenry can interdict an active shooter.

  • Glock Extractor

    Was having problems with my Glock 19 failing to go into battery with a slidelock reload. At first I thought the problem might be related to my recoil spring, I was running a 15-pound ISMI (factory stock recoil spring poundage is 18 pounds) and the ISMI G19 springs do run somewhat shorter than stock. I…

  • CCW Holders Vs. Active Shooter

    CCW holders versus an “active shooter” played by a real-life SWAT cop. And the winner is…