Month: June 2016

  • Shakin’ Hands

    “Shakin’ Hands” is not just an awesome Nickelback song, it’s a real-world concern if you carry a gun. Or even if you don’t.

  • Weapon Handling In An Active Killer Event

    It is for the need to swiftly put away, therefore re-conceal, the gun after a shooting that I have never liked any holster that does not allow fast, smooth, one handed reholstering.

  • Pink Pistols: LGBT Gun Owners Unite In Arming Gay Community

    I have always thought Pink Pistols was a super-cool organization. This just goes to further confirm that impression.

  • When The Criminal Is Armed With Pepper Spray

    Excellent, thought provoking commentary from Greg Ellifritz.

  • The State of Journalism in America

    It is a sad thing when a 7-year old girl has bigger testicles than an adult (supposedly) male (supposedly). “The recoil bruised my shoulder. The brass shell casings disoriented me as they flew past my face. The smell of sulfur and destruction made me sick. The explosions — loud like a bomb — gave me…

  • Proud to be an IDPA Member

  • And Now, The Rest of the Story

    Ah, so apparently two of the bullets totally penetrated the BG’s body but didn’t penetrate the BACK of his Carhartt jacket. This is called “perfect bullet performance” and makes a lot more sense.

  • HARSH REALITY: Most Police Are Not Highly Trained Gun Experts

    A sad truth is a truth nonetheless. Most police officers, when they report to the academy, have never fired a gun. For most cops, the only gun they’ve every fired in their duty sidearm, and maybe a few rounds from a shotgun or carbine. At the academy, they are trained to a level sufficient to…