Month: July 2016

  • Chamber Empty = Suicide

    Just put up a new article on the Free Articles page. It’s titled “Chamber Empty = Suicide” and, based on the amount of feedback I’ve gotten, this is the most popular article I’ve ever written. Here’s a link to the video referenced in the article.

  • Action Shooting International: A Move & Shoot Sport for Everyone

    Just added a new article to the Free Articles page, a pre-publication peek at my latest Blue Press article, “Action Shooting International: A Move & Shoot Sport for Everyone” which should start hitting mailboxes next week.

  • How To Defend Against “The Knock At The Door”

    Excellent commentary from Greg Ellifritz. Well worth reading.

  • Lessons From The Dallas Shooting

    Rare common sense here. You will not be reading any of this in the mainstream media, but if you carry a gun, you owe it to yourself and other people to read this now.

  • “Pick One (Or Maybe Two) And Practice” Is Good Advice

    There is a refreshing breath of common sense is this article. I decided a long time ago to perform the vast majority of my shooting, including matches, with my carry gun. Thus I’m not into the idea, put forth in this article, of shooting with two guns, your practice gun and your carry gun. For…

  • Breakdown By Type

  • Tennessee Businesses That Disarm CCW Holders Now Liable For Their Safety

    A law passes in Tennessee making businesses that post Gun Free Zone signs liable for any injuries suffered by their customers because of that policy.