Month: August 2016

  • How to Be a ‘Speed Demon’ Pistolero!

    Another addition to the Free Articles page.

  • The New Face of Combat Handgunning

    “In October 1999 the United States Practical Shooting Association, the governing body of the International Practical Shooting Confederation in the United States, introduced three new divisions of competition that are changing the face of combat handgun competition in America today.” Another addition to the Free Articles page.

  • The Intensive Handgun Skills Speed Shooting Practice Drills

    “The ability to fire a handgun fast and accurately is an important skill to have in self-defense. Jeff Cooper, in his famous pyramid of survival kills, lists mental preparedness in first place, followed by tactics, then skill with the defensive equipment (in other words, gun handling and marksmanship), with equipment last. However, while gun handling…

  • The Case for Kydex

    “There are many reasons a lot of folks today choose Kydex instead of the traditional leather.” Another new addition to the Free Articles page.

  • How Important Are Uniforms to Shooting Skill? (From a Guy Who Used to Wear One)

    “I do get a bit tired of the people, in and out of uniform, who think that wearing a particular outfit automatically makes a person a gun expert.” Another article up on the Free Articles page.

  • How Fast Is Your Holster?

    “Speed of draw tests for four different holsters, and the results may surprise you…” Another article up on the Free Articles page.

  • How to Grip the Combat Handgun

    “Shooting a handgun is a phenomenon that involves your entire body from the waist up – you can’t really separate out one part of it, such as the grip, focus solely on that and think it will allow you to shoot well.” Another new (well, old) article added to the Free Articles page.

  • Concealment With Style

    “Every article on concealed carry I’ve ever read has seem to be based firmly on one of the following two assumptions: Assumption A – most gun carriers are so lazy and inept that they’re unwilling or unable to carry anything more serious than a teeny .38 snubnose revolver or .380 auto in constant concealment or,…

  • Common Sense 1911 Modifications

    “The late Mel Tappan was the guru of the 1970s survivalist movement. In his book Survival Guns he recommended the 1911 .45 auto, suitably customized, of course, as the weapon to be constantly carried in post-holocaust America. Tappan wrote, ‘Be prepared to spend at least as much as the original cost of the gun to…

  • Why the .45 GAP Failed

    “I mourn the death of the .45 Glock Automatic Pistol cartridge. A truly excellent idea in theory, it was sabotaged by mistakes in the guns and loads offered for it.” Another addition to the Free Articles page.