Month: September 2016

  • SIG Captures the House of 1911: The Ernest Langdon Interview

    So I’m sitting there one day, reading an article in Handguns magazine about IDPA. It’s all about how you can use real holsters and real guns, draw from concealment, use cover, all the things I spent years teaching people how to do that they don’t do in IPSC. I was so excited, I felt like…

  • The Hand-Sized Pistol Championship

    “The Hand-Sized Pistol Championship, as the name would suggest, was built around the idea of firing smaller, more easily concealable guns than you typically see at “combat” pistol matches.” Another addition to the Free Articles page.

  • What to Do as a Police Officer Interacting with a CCW Holder

    Great advice from veteran police officer and shooting champion, Ron Avery.

  • Cayla’s Rifle

    Another piece up on the Free Articles page. This one is actually up before this issue of The Blue Press has hit most mailboxes. Enjoy!

  • There’s Nothing New Under the Sun

    Another addition to the Free Articles page. Other than my “Chamber Empty = Suicide” article, this piece on the evolution of the Weaver Stance has received more feedback than any other article I’ve ever written.

  • The Case Against Open Carry

    A 30-year police veteran turns out an excellent summary of the shortcomings of open carry. It is for some of the reasons enumerated in this article that I refuse to carry in any holster that doesn’t allow smooth, efficient, one handed reholstering.

  • Competition Shooter: 1, Terrorist: 0

    The off duty police officer who shot and killed a terrorist in the process of conducting a stabbing spree inside the Crossroads Mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota on Saturday, September 17, 2016 was USPSA shooter and 3-Gunner, Jason Falconer. But…but…being a competition shooter will get you killed on the street! (TM) How many times have…

  • Gloves, Yay or Nay?

    Years ago I did an article where I took my carry gun, at the time a Glock 19, out to the range on a frigid day in November, and tested my performance on the graduation exercises from the Intensive Handgun Skills speed shooting course from InSights Training Center, using bare hands, thin gloves, and heavy…