Month: December 2016

  • Ohio Legalizes Campus Carry

    Ohio Governor John Kasich has signed SB 199 into law, legalizing campus carry in the wake of the Ohio State terrorist attack. This is called “common sense.” One guess to which party he belongs.

  • My Coolest Shot

    The most soul satisfying, absolute coolest shot I ever fired was, coincidentally enough, the very first one from a handgun I owned myself. Return with me now to those thrilling days of yesteryear…

  • The 5×5 Drill

    “There are a variety of shooting tests out there for pistoleros to pit themselves against, to measure their skill level with the defensive handgun, thus to determine whether they can deliver the combination of speed with accuracy necessary to use that gun in an emergency. One of the best of these is called the 5×5…

  • David Olhasso: Grand Master With a SIG

    Back in 2003 I interviewed David Olhasso, the first-ever person to earn the rank of Grand Master in USPSA’s then-new Production division of competition. Note how very basic was his gun.