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Competition Shooter: 1, Terrorist: 0

The off duty police officer who shot and killed a terrorist in the process of conducting a stabbing spree inside the Crossroads Mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota on Saturday, September 17, 2016 was USPSA shooter and 3-Gunner, Jason Falconer.
But…but…being a competition shooter will get you killed on the street! (TM)
How many times have we wished someone with a serious competition background, a serious skill level, could be there to interdict one of these terrorist assholes? Here’s an example of the outcome when It happens.

Gloves, Yay or Nay?

Years ago I did an article where I took my carry gun, at the time a Glock 19, out to the range on a frigid day in November, and tested my performance on the graduation exercises from the Intensive Handgun Skills speed shooting course from InSights Training Center, using bare hands, thin gloves, and heavy gloves. I found that even thin gloves reduced my shooting performance by 40 percent versus bare hands. Thank you, no. This reinforced to me that my choice, in winter, to walk around with my bare hands in my jacket pockets, keeping them warm and supple and ready, and a pair of gloves in other jacket pockets, to be put on only if I needed to expose my hands to cold for an extended period, was the right one.

The Intensive Handgun Skills Speed Shooting Practice Drills

“The ability to fire a handgun fast and accurately is an important skill to have in self-defense. Jeff Cooper, in his famous pyramid of survival kills, lists mental preparedness in first place, followed by tactics, then skill with the defensive equipment (in other words, gun handling and marksmanship), with equipment last. However, while gun handling and marksmanship (the ability to manipulate your gun skillfully and put the bullets where they need to go under stress) might not be the absolute most important survival attribute, there is a big difference between ‘not the most important’ and ‘unimportant.'”

Another addition to the Free Articles page.

Concealment With Style

“Every article on concealed carry I’ve ever read has seem to be based firmly on one of the following two assumptions: Assumption A – most gun carriers are so lazy and inept that they’re unwilling or unable to carry anything more serious than a teeny .38 snubnose revolver or .380 auto in constant concealment or, alternately, Assumption B – most people who carry guns are the sort of folks who dress up in army field jackets or run run around with their shirttails hanging outside their pants.”

Return with me now in the Wayback Machine to those thrilling days of yesteryear. My second-ever published article, now added to the Free Articles page.

Common Sense 1911 Modifications

“The late Mel Tappan was the guru of the 1970s survivalist movement. In his book Survival Guns he recommended the 1911 .45 auto, suitably customized, of course, as the weapon to be constantly carried in post-holocaust America. Tappan wrote, ‘Be prepared to spend at least as much as the original cost of the gun to make it fully combat ready.'”

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The Martial Gamesman

“The conflict between the ‘martial artists’ who approach skill with a handgun solely for the purposes of self-defense, and the ‘gamesmen’ who approach it as a sport to be mastered, has been with us since the beginning of ‘combat’ pistol matches – possibly before – and it will never go away.”

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“Pick One (Or Maybe Two) And Practice” Is Good Advice

There is a refreshing breath of common sense is this article. I decided a long time ago to perform the vast majority of my shooting, including matches, with my carry gun. Thus I’m not into the idea, put forth in this article, of shooting with two guns, your practice gun and your carry gun. For me, they’re the same gun. I believe that, if you want to get really good, eventually you have to settle on one gun, and do, say, 99% of your shooting with that gun. Having said that, as long as both guns have the same trigger action, are the same basic type, I can see no problem with the author’s logic.