Month: May 2016

  • Good Guys Vs. Bad Guys

    How four people with what I would describe as a moderate amount of training fared when put into a simulated active shooter situation. This is no faked up “test” where the good guys are set up to fail, nor are they set up to succeed either. Therefore the results are mixed. Well worth reading.

  • Factory Glock Plastic Sights

    HELPFUL HOME HINT: If you have a Glock running the factory front sight, be really careful, if you shoot the gun under a table, to not have the front sight hit the underside of the table, the front sight will rip right off the gun. If you have a Glock running the factory rear sight,…

  • Is a Carhartt Jacket Bulletproof?

    I have to admit I was amazed at the people actually buying into the whole “four Speer Gold Dots stopped on a Carhartt jacket” thing, which was ridiculous on the face of it. But it was in The New York Post, so it must be true, right? Here we have someone shooting a Carhartt jacket…

  • Revolver Article

    I have been saying revolvers are not nearly as reliable as many people assume since at least 1993 – and I’ve got the book to prove it. In general I agree with what’s said in this article. Except for this part: “But if you take that same 9mm, load it up, and stick it in…

  • New Free Article

    “Nothing makes your argument look better than having the facts on your side. Conversely, nothing makes your side look weaker than putting forth ‘facts’ that are (to anyone willing to do even a bit of research) demonstrably untrue.”