Is a Carhartt Jacket Bulletproof?

I have to admit I was amazed at the people actually buying into the whole “four Speer Gold Dots stopped on a Carhartt jacket” thing, which was ridiculous on the face of it. But it was in The New York Post, so it must be true, right? Here we have someone shooting a Carhartt jacket with a variety of handguns and bullets, including the Speer Gold Dot. Final score: Carhart 0, Bullets about 57 million. My theory: The New York Post was not a reliable source of information on this story, as it has failed to be a reliable source of information on so many other things.

2 responses to “Is a Carhartt Jacket Bulletproof?”

  1. I doubt there’s anyone working for the New York Post who could recognize a gun 1 out of five times even if you pointed it out to them.

  2. I love how the guy making this video keeps making the circumstances under which this might POSSIBLY have happened more and more ludicrous. And he knows it. Finally he balls up the Carhartt jacket until it’s literally a foot thick and shoots it, and the bullets still sail right through. Classic.

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