Month: November 2016

  • Customizing the SIG for Competition

    Believe it or not, before this article was published in Sigarms’ Velocity magazine, there was serious discussion at Sigarms about whether it should even be published at all. For years, in large part because, due to the exchange rate between the dollar and the Deutsche Mark, SIGs cost significantly more than most other tactically equivalent…

  • Mods and Odds

    “The AR-15 is the 1911 of defensive rifles. As with the 1911, a huge number of aftermarket parts and possible modifications exists for this firearm, and a large part of the design’s appeal is the number of odds and mods we may choose to personalize it to our needs. In this article I’m going to…

  • Cameron’s Rifle

    Last year I had the extreme pleasure of choosing for a pretty little 10-year-old girl her first-ever firearm. Honestly, I had always planned on doing the same thing for her 18 months older sister, as well. So I did.