Customizing the SIG for Competition

Believe it or not, before this article was published in Sigarms’ Velocity magazine, there was serious discussion at Sigarms about whether it should even be published at all. For years, in large part because, due to the exchange rate between the dollar and the Deutsche Mark, SIGs cost significantly more than most other tactically equivalent guns, they had this sort of “Rolls-Royce of combat autopistols” vibe, therefore SIG owners were notable among gun carriers for the fact they almost never customized their guns. At all. Maybe they’d have a set of night sights installed, and that was IT. The common refrain was, “Really, what could you do to a SIG?” My reply was always the same: “Actually there’s a LOT you could do to a SIG; the problem is finding a pistolsmith to do it. Among ‘smiths who can work on a SIG, there’s Bruce Gray and that’s pretty much it.” Should Sigarms actually publish an article admitting it was possible to customize and improve a SIG?

Eventually the decision was made to publish this article on the modifications Bruce Gray had done to his USPSA Production division gun. These days Bruce is, among other things, a factory shooter and design consultant for SIG. Obviously the reasons for that are his skill level as a competitor, and inventiveness when it comes to dreaming up ways to improve SIGs. But I’d like to think this article had a tiny bit to do with it, by alerting SIG to the huge resource that was there for them, just waiting to be tapped.

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