Month: February 2017

  • Practice

    A short practice session tonight, about an hour and a half, 259 rounds. Started out firing freestyle at 50 feet, working on accuracy and trigger control. I have to restrain myself when doing this, it’s so addictive I could easily spend an entire session doing nothing else. But eventually I managed to stop myself and…

  • Silly Things You’ve Seen at IDPA Matches

    “While IDPA shooters, most of us anyway, are of course totally squared-away, pro-skill-level pistoleros and steely-eyed dealers of death, you do see the occasional thing at a match that just leaves you shaking you head and thinking, ‘Really?’” Another addition to the Free Articles page.

  • Kicks Like a Mare’s Leg

    Feels good to be doing my first new entry to the Free Articles page after this site has risen from the ashes after being hacked by a Turkish, Muslim, anti-American, anti-Israel cyberhacking group. I kid you not. Wow, talk about the ultimate badge of honor, and verification you’re doing something worth accomplishing. In any event,…