Kicks Like a Mare’s Leg

Feels good to be doing my first new entry to the Free Articles page after this site has risen from the ashes after being hacked by a Turkish, Muslim, anti-American, anti-Israel cyberhacking group. I kid you not. Wow, talk about the ultimate badge of honor, and verification you’re doing something worth accomplishing. In any event, I’d been promising to put up this article on the Chiappa “mare’s leg,” a modern repro of that cut-down Winchester 1892 carried by Steve McQueen’s character Josh Randall in the old Western TV series Wanted Dead Or Alive and here it is. NOTE: Firefox is dragging its feet taking us off their “deceptive site” list after the hack, which, depending on how you have your Firefox settings configured, can block your computer from accessing certain elements of the site and make it look “broken” – but it shows, and works, perfectly from every other browser.

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