Crossroads Center Shooting Video

I’ve been wanting to see video footage of the Crossroads Center mall shooting, and here it is. Each clip is shown three times, in progressively greater slomo.

In the first clip, it looks like the security guard disguised jihadist gets in one good slash, and one good stab, on the counter guy. It’s a miracle no one other than the bad guy was killed, which I can only attribute to his extreme incompetence.

In the second clip, I love the guy slamming down the security gate just as the knife armed bad guy arrives, then locking it. Now that was some fast thinking!

In the third clip, some thoughts:

(1) I’d had no idea that Officer Falconer had actually pursued the knifeman into Macy’s. Interesting how the jihadist’s response to facing unarmed citizens was “pursue and stab,” but as soon as he wound up facing armed resistance, his game plan switched to “flee.”

(2) When eventually Falconer did catch the jihadist, the bad guy’s first response was to feign compliance, actually going down on the ground, then he gets up and charges.

(3) At one point he actually charges Falconer so aggressively he takes the officer off his feet. Falconer gets back up. Unfortunately so does the bad guy.

(4) It is extremely difficult to take down a well-motivated bad guy, especially when you’re only armed with a handgun. Compared to more serious weapons, rifles and shotguns, handguns suck as fight stoppers. Be prepared to shoot your opponent multiple times, and do that again, as many times as it takes, until the threat is finally over.

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