Low Light Shooting With All-Black Sights

I mentioned last month shooting this little local pistol league match, two stages on an indoor range, the stages were identical except one stage was shot with the lights turned on, the second with most of the lights turned off. Shot stage 2 last month using a flashlight with the “syringe” technique, which did not work out well. This month, i.e. just about an hour ago, I shot another match at the same range, same concept, my goal this time to see how well I could do the low light stage using just index and the plain black-on-black sights on my Glock 17 carry gun.

Won’t keep you in suspense, I won the match by over 34 seconds. Honestly, I feel a little guilty going in and beating up on the people at this little local outlaw match, but for me it’s a wonderful laboratory. For stage 2, BTW, the only person who came close to me had a laser on his gun. And he had obviously put some time into mastering that laser. I watched him shoot, and I was thinking, “Damn, that guy’s a good laser shooter. Fast, accurate, he knows how to use that piece of equipment.” When all was said and done, I beat the laser guy, using my all-black sights, on stage 2 by 1.01 seconds.

I was pretty happy about that.

ADDENDUM ONCE THE SCORES HAVE BEEN POSTED: There’s a guy at this match in charge of scoring who calculates (without a calculator) the scores, directly on the score sheets with a pen, before we even leave the range. So before I even left, I knew I’d won. However his rough calculations don’t always stand up once he gets to a pocket calculator, I think. Turns out I did not win by over 34 seconds; I won by almost 27 seconds. I am COMPLETELY humiliated.

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