Lee Jurras Passes On

Lee Jurras passed away Monday the 24th. A true pioneer has moved on. Lee didn’t invent the jacketed hollowpoint, but he certainly popularized it with his ammo company, Super Vel. At a time when most police and normal citizens were using round nosed bullets, or semi-wadcutters, and loading a 148-gr. wadcutter backwards was considered really gee-whiz, Lee theorized the way to make pistol bullets work better was to go to hollowpointed projectiles lighter than the traditional weight for a caliber, and drive them to higher velocities. The evidence of history has confirmed he was right. Since then hollowpoints have become the go-to ammo for self-defense, both for police and armed citizens. Who knows how many thousands of lives over the decades Lee saved, because a bad guy got shot with a hollowpoint and stopped doing evil, how many hollowpoint bullets did NOT overpenetrate, or ricochet, and therefore didn’t go on to kill innocents? Many, I’m sure. Lee Jurras, in his time on Earth, changed the world, in a very real, very positive way. How many of us can say that?

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