Back From The Range, 5/5/2017 & Back From The Match, 5/6/2017

Got the Wilson EDC X9 out to the range for another shooting session, it worked perfectly though another 653 rounds. One big question I had about this gun was, “Will the EDC X9, being built around a previously existent 9mm mag, unlike most 1911s feed TC ammo reliably?” You all probably know this by now, the EDC X9 uses Walther PPQ mags. This particular range session was my “test feed reliability and accuracy with a variety of loads” night. Of the 14 loads I put through the EDC X9, nine of them were TC. Of those 653 rounds I fired that night, with 100% feed reliability, 226 of them were hollowpoints or solids with a TC bullet shape.
To be honest, if there was one load with which I expected feed issues, it was the Super Vel 90-gr. JHP +P. TC bullet shape, short OAL, huge hollowpoint. But it fed like butter. The Super Vel 90-grainer was an absolute delight. I have to admit I was surprised at how light recoil was with this load, even though it chronoed for me at an average 1,468 fps out of the EDC X9’s 4” barrel. It’s loud, of course, and the recoil is a bit snappier than 9mm hardball, but because of the light bullet weight the overall recoil level is very comparable to standard pressure 9mm hardball. Just amazing.
I shot an ASI match yesterday, and before the match, during the shooter’s briefing, I told people, “If anyone would like to shoot the new Wilson EDC X9, and the new Super Vel 90-gr. JHP +P, you’re welcome to put some rounds through the gun.” Four people took me up on that. I told them before they shot the gun, “This load is really impressive. Even though it chronoed 1,468 feet per second for me, because of the light bullet weight it feels like you’re firing 9mm hardball.” Everyone was impressed with the EDC X9, everyone was impressed with the Super Vel 90-gr. JHP +P. Every single person had the same reaction to the SV 90-grainer, they fired the first round, then said, “Hey, that’s not bad at all.” Afterward I heard one of the guys who’d shot the gun, with that load, saying to another guy, “One thousand, four hundred and sixty-eight feet per second…and it feels like you’re firing 9mm hardball!”
By the time the match, and the post-match “drool over the EDC X9 and new Super Vel ammo” session, were both over, that was another 124 rounds of TC profile bullets down the tube, with perfect feed reliability. I would have no hesitation carrying the EDC X9 for self-defense, loaded with Super Vel 90-gr. JHP +P. In fact, that’s what I’m doing right now.
I came in second at the match. When the scores were tabulated, the stats guy said, “Oh look, Sandy Wylie came in 1st, and Duane Thomas came in 2nd. Imagine that.” If vague memory serves, there has only been one match – thusfar – where that was reversed, and it was Duane Thomas came in 1st, Sandy Wylie came in 2nd. Fortunately that match happened to be an IDPA state championship. 

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