Month: March 2015

  • Thoughts On The Venti

    I have run the Venti 100-shot drill my last three range sessions. (Actually, I did it twice last night.) It’s a great workout, and it’s already having a positive impact on my shooting. The “shooting with with your eyes closed” portion is especially valuable, just a very efficient way to build and improve index. The…

  • Fold ATF Into FBI?

    “Folding ATF employees into another agency would require retraining and an extra, unnecessary layer of supervision…” Oh, that would be BAD. Who wants all that pesky training and supervision when they’ve been doing SO well with their current level of training and no supervision?

  • .223 Ammo Ban Fails

    “If you can’t ban the gun, ban the ammo.” Same tired old braindead shit attempt, different decade, same fail.

  • Non-Gun People

    I think, as gun people, we have a tendency to believe that, re attitude toward guns, there are two types of people in America today: pro-gun and anti-gun. The truth is there’s actually a third group, probably the largest, frankly, composed of what I call “non-gun people.” These are the folks who don’t love guns,…

  • The Electric Gun With Newspaper

    A good friend of mine just took her nine year old daughter to the range for the first time. The two guns she shot were a youth model .22 bolt action rifle and, as my friend put it, “the fake polymer AR thingy,” also in .22. Afterward, she asked her daughter which one she’d liked…